Formulated with the most elevated grade surfactants to give a profound, safe clean to your vehicle's outside. The high-concentrate equation of YasMark Ceramic cleanser goes a long way with a modest quantity. Using the most recent SiO2 innovation, YasMark Ceramic cleanser not only just make your vehicle look perfect, yet additionally safeguard it. Ceramic suds will leave a defensive hydrophobic layer of fluid glass.

Usage Instructions:
Rinse the vehicle to loosen any dirt.
Add 50ML of Ceramic Shampoo to a 10L bucket and top up with warm with a wash mitt or Microfibre cloth. Apply the solution to your vehicles surface to clean, working from the top to down, making sure all areas are covered. Finally, rinse before the product dries. Avoid the application under direct sunlight or when the surface is hot. Don't allow it to dry.

Warning: Suggested use of protective gear during application. Avoid contact with eyes or skin. If irritation persists, consult a certified physician. Keep away from sunlight and the reach of children.

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