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Najeeb Rehman Latest Yasmark Vlog

Najeeb Rahman is an automotive content creator from Kerala (India). He creates video content exclusively in the automotive sector, reviewing cars, bikes, and literally anything that moves on wheels.

During his visit to Yas Mark in Thrissur, he was thoroughly impressed. He was immensely content with our service:

“The fact that Yas Mark has been around for 16 years is a huge thing in and of itself. Over the years, it has persevered, overcome all other challenges, and achieved success.  
Yas Mark have taken care of 15 lakh cars and acquired more than 50 dealer associates. Yas Mark lavish their customers with a cozy seating area and refreshments. For the clients who travel from far-off places, they plan to set up a cafeteria.  Yas Mark gives us a really special experience.

When clients receive value for their money, they are more satisfied. Yas Mark has gained people's hearts in a similar manner with their exceptional care and service.” says Najeeb Rahman

Watch his vlog: